Wonderful ESL Links

For Students:

Oral/Listening Quizzes

ESL Links and Activities, oral and written

Grammar Bytes, fairly advanced grammar exercises and quizzes


Listen and Answer

Dave's ESL Cafe, great for students and teachers

ESL Quizzes





Advanced activities related to CNN news stories

Great ESL sites

1 Language.com, wide variety of excellent ESL activities

English Club

Isabel's English

ESL Flow, talking about complaints and annoyances

Custom-Writing.org's Blog, tons of useful stuff

50 Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid


Complaint Roleplay

English for Everyone.org

Fun and Educational Math Games for Kids

Pigly Calculators, calculators of many kinds

Story of the Spread of the English Language


Teach and learn financial literacy with Annuity.org


Body Parts (add the missing vowels)

Colors (select the letters in order)

Days of the Week Explained (with some ordinal numbers)

Months Explained (with some ordinal numbers)

Identification of Colors

Explanation of Time Termis

Family Members Quiz

Weather Quiz

Parts of the Face Quiz

To Be Quiz


1. Great ESL sites

2. 50 Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

3. Opposites

4. Listen and Answer

5. English-Spanish

6. English-Tagalog

7. English-Russian

8. English-Portugese

9. English-Farsi/Persian

10. English-Somali

11. English-Arabic

12. El Civics (ESL Lessons)

13. Many demonstrative pronoun activities

14. Weather, months, seasons activities

15. Interactive games

16. Curso de Inglés en You Tube DVD 2

17. Great indexed beginner activities

17. Maths Chase Games

18. Conversation starter questions

19. Teaching Question Words

20. More conversation starters




For Teachers:

Many ESL Lesson Plans Comprehensive ESL Links Page
National Center for ESL Literacy Education Doctorate in TESOL opportunities
Conversation starters  

Recycling Our Future, John's 4th & 5th grade students' video project, circa 1999