Hi! Hello!
How are you? How are you doing?
Great! Excellent!
Fine Good
Fine, thank you, and you? Take care.
Good morning Good afternoon
Good evening Good night
Goodbye Bye
Bye-bye See ya
See you tomorrow. See you Monday.
See you next week. See you soon.
How was your weekend? What's new?
What's up? What's going on?
What are you up to? Not much
Nothing much See you
Hey! Take it easy.
Have a good one. Have a good night.
Have a great weekend! How ya doin'?

Common Phrases and Questions

What's your name? My name is __________________.

What's your first name?

What's your last name?

What's your phone number? My phone number is _______________.

What's your address? My address is _________________.

Where are your from? I'm from _______________.

What is your birthday? My birthday is _________________. What is your date of birth?

How do you spell _______________?

How is _____________ spelled?

How do you say ________________ in English?

How do you say ________________ in Spanish?


Personal Pronoun Possessive Adjective Example
I my I eat my breakfast.
he his He drives his car.
she her Maria loves her mother.
it its The dog chews its bone.
you your You live with your brother.
they their They sit in their seats.
we our We have class in our classroom.