Irregular and Past Tense Verbs and Verb Forms

  1. 25 Fill-in Irregular Verb Sentences

  2. Challenging Jeopardy Past Tense Game

  3. Past Tense Snakes and Ladders Game

  4. Past Tense Sequencing

  5. Irregular Past Tense Fill-in

  6. Irregular Verb Spelling Game

  7. 83 Question, Challenging Irregular Past Tense Verb Quiz

  8. Irregular Verb Spelling Game 2

  9. Irregular Past Tense Jeopardy Game

  10. Past Tense Basketball Game

  11. Simple Past Tense Jeopardy Game

  12. Simple Past Tense Fill-in Quiz

  13. Another Simple Past Tense Regular Verb Fill-in Quiz

  14. To Be Past and Present Quiz

  15. Present Progressive Game

  16. Basic Verbs Quiz

  17. Irregular Verbs English-Spanish

  18. More Irregular Verbs English-Spanish

  19. Basic Words English-Spanish Quiz

  20. 90 Common Irregular Verbs (list and study ideas)


2018 Activities