Alphabet, Numbers, Days of the Week, Months of the Year Activities


  1. Alphabet (Spanish pronunciacion)

  2. Numbers word search

  3. Numbers 1-10 audio memory game

  4. Numbers 10-20 audio memory game

  5. Numbers letter order game*

  6. Alphabet listening activity

  7. Alphabet matching A-L

  8. Alphabet matching M-Z

  9. Many alphabet activities

Days of the Week

  1. Days of the Week Explained (with some ordinal numbers)

  2. Days of the Week audio memory game

  3. Days of the Week letter order game

Months of the Year

  1. Months Explained (with some ordinal numbers)

  2. Months of the Year (with ordinal numbers) Quiz

  3. Months of the Year audio memory game

  4. Months of the Year letter order game

2018 Activities