November 9 , 2015 Activities

  1. Another Good Explanation of Modals

  2. One More Explanation of Modals with Examples

  3. Modal Quiz 1

  4. Modal Quiz 2

  5. Another Modal Quiz

  6. Modal Quiz

  7. More Modal Practice

  8. 40 Modal Questions!

  9. Modal Quiz

  10. Modal Practice

  11. Multiple Choice Modal Activity

Irregular Verb Spelling Game

Irregular Past Tense Jeopardy Game

Past Tense Basketball Game

Simple Past Tense Jeopardy Game

Simple Past Tense Fill-in Quiz

Another Simple Past Tense Regular Verb Fill-in Quiz

To Be Past and Present Quiz

Present Progressive Game

Adjectives Opposites Quiz

Family Relationships Quiz

Basic Verbs Quiz

Irregular Verbs English-Spanish

More Irregular Verbs English-Spanish

Basic Words English-Spanish Quiz


Past Tense Listening Games